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After 2 years of farming struggles, I decided to try PhyFarm’s Fertigation System- PhyJet. Delighted with the seamless experience and impressive support, I highly recommend it to my fellow farmers!

Manikrao Patil- Nashik, Maharashtra

Why PhyFarm?

Discover how Phyfarm automates your farm

Farming made affordable

In contrast to expensive imported systems in the market, we offer budget-friendly options starting from prices as low as $150 (INR 15,000)

Accessibility & Support

Simple farmer friendly UI available in multiple local languages, ensures accessibility to every farmer, irrespective of their scale, crop and location.

Works in low network zones

Our products are reliable and work even in areas with little to no connectivity allowing farmers to monitor and control without any hassle.

Farm GPT

Our assistant provides you with real-time insights and recommendations, giving you full control of your farm at your fingertips fingertips.

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Our Products


PhyHub- Intelligent Farm Controller

Kickstart your digitisation journey with PhyHub Eco – The key to smart farming! The hub can retrofit and Connect up to 8 or 16 devices, from pumps to valves. Control your farm effortlessly from your mobile. Stay in the know with real-time data updates, empowering you to make data driven decisions. PhyHub is easy to install and setup, enabling growers to digitise their farms, one connected device at a time!


PhyJet- Multi-Channel Fertigation System

PhyJet, the pinnacle of large-scale smart fertigation, effortlessly manages up to 24 or 32 devices for a comprehensive approach to precision farming. From pumps to valves, motors and sensors, create detailed fertigation schedules with ease. The system offers customizable features like proportional fertigation, multiple fertilizer and pH tank controls, and various flow rates. Mounted on a corrosion-resistant frame, PhyJet ensures durability and efficiency, making it the go-to solution for streamlined and intelligent crop management.


PhyOne- Single-Channel Fertigation system

Introducing PhyOne – Your Intelligent Fertigation System for precision farming. With single-fertilizer tank control and easy installation, PhyOne streamlines your farm operations. It features timer and manual modes, supporting four program options for enhanced flexibility. It is mounted on a corrosion-resistant, acid-proof frame, and comes complete with integrated essentials like flow meters and venturi injector valves for precision control Boost your productivity, automate fertigation, optimize resources, and increase yields effortlessly with PhyOne.


PhySense- Soil moisture, water temperature, LUX, CO₂

Discover PhySense – our advanced, plug-and-play wireless sensor node tailored for extracting data from sensors. These robust, industrial-grade devices seamlessly integrate with diverse range of sensors and push data to the cloud via embedded 4G. Gain instant insights into your farm and crop health on your mobile device via the Hub. PhySense ensures a seamless data experience by syncing with the hub. Elevate your farming efficiency and connect sensors to your farm with PhySense.


Weather Station

Our Weather Station is an industrial-grade marvel monitoring your farm’s wind speed, direction, temperature, humidity and more. Giving timely atmospheric forecasts, it keeps you one step ahead in protecting your farm. It also connects to our hub and other phyfarm devices making it a unified ecosystem for all farm and crop related data. With a vast array of data and stats collected from our sensors it empowers farmers in making informed decisions.


  1. Integration with Sensor technology 
PhyJet integrates advanced sensors that continuously monitor soil moisture, temperature, and nutrient levels in real time, providing crucial data for precise decision-making.
  2. Seamless Connectivity 
Connected effortlessly to your irrigation system, PhyJet goes beyond conventional methods to precisely inject a tailored blend of fertilisers by calculating the perfect timing for nutrient release, in alignment with your crop’s growth cycle.
  3. Adaptive Algorithm
 Our sophisticated algorithm processes this crucial data, taking into account a variety of factors like crop type, growth stage and environmental conditions. The result is a set of precise recommendations for optimal irrigation and nutrient delivery.


  1. Single Venturi Fertigation The system has a Venturi injector through which pressurised water and nutrients flow through the narrow wall, creating a suction effect, helping it draw fertiliser from the tank and mixing it with the water.
  2. 3 Phase Booster Pump 
PhyOne operates on both timer and manual operation modes with a system featuring a robust three-phase 415v, 50Hz-60Hz Booster Pump.
  3. Versatile System It supports four program modes-100 l/h, 250 l/h, 400 l/h, and 1000 l/h and a maximum working pressure of 8 bars. Mounted on a corrosion-resistant aluminium frame, it features acid-resistant components for durability, including venturi injectors, flow meters, booster pumps, fertilizer valves, backflow preventers, pressure gauge, and more.


  1. Long Range Communication 
PhySense wirelessly transmits data to PhyJet via our long range communicator and captures Soil Moisture, Water Temp, Co2, Lux and More.
  2. Seamless connectivity
 Our sensors effortlessly integrate across soil, water systems, and the air, providing real-time data for precise monitoring.
  3. Real Time Data 
By constantly monitoring and transmitting information in the moment, PhySense sensors offer up-to-the-minute understanding of the farm’s conditions, enabling informed decision-making and precise management of crucial factors affecting crop health and overall productivity.


Soil Moisture Sensor

Gives control to connect up to 8 pins based on your requirement.

LUX Sensor

Advanced control and automation for up to 128 output pins

Water Temperature Sensor

Gives control to connect up to 16 pins based on your requirement.

CO2 Sensor

Gives control over long range for valves


  1. Seamless connectivity 
Phyfarm’s weather station combines various sensors, data logging, wireless connectivity, and analytical tools to provide farmers with accurate and timely information at one place. It uses a precise anemometer to measure winds up to 50 m/s and a wind vane to show wind direction, offering crucial insights for fields, greenhouses, and areas affected by strong airstreams
  2. All in one Ecosystem 
The rain gauge tracks rain and weather data, offering speedy updates every 2.5 seconds. With durable features like a passive radiation shield or a 24-hour fan-aspirated radiation shield, it provides NIST traceable calibration, solar radiation and UV sensor options, ensuring accuracy in various conditions.


  1. Cloud Connectivity
 PhyDose integrates precisely into your agricultural setup, ensuring your crops receive an ideal balance of nutrients they need. It features an IoT Controller with cloud connectivity that allows you to monitor and control dosing remotely.
  2. EC pH monitoring 
It acts as a controlling unit in monitoring EC pH that constantly analyses the soil’s electrical conductivity (EC) and pH levels and is equipped with high-end probes and calibration solutions. It ensures that your crops receive the optimal nutrient balance for their growth.
  3. Sustainable Farming
 It takes real-time data from the probes, allowing for immediate adjustments to maintain the optimal conditions for your plants. It also helps maximise the yield and minimises resource wastage, which makes PhyDose a sustainable choice for modern farmers.

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