Data Driven Farming Platform

With integrated sensing and automation hardware that lets you gather data at the farm, automate farm operations, manage crops, tasks and workforce.

Sensing Data

Connected Devices

Daily Reports

Tasks Automated

Trusted by best growers

Wireless Sensing

Collect, Monitor and Analyse data from your farm in realtime at scale. With over 20+ sensing parameters supported on our platform, don’t miss out keeping a health check of your crops

PhySense - Wireless sensing


EC, pH, ORP, DO, Pressure, Flow

Micro Climate

Temperatur,Humidity, Lux, PAR


Co2, Oxygen, Wind Speed, Airflow


Moisture, EC, pH

Industrial grade, state of art sensors

Wide Range

50+ Sensing parameters supported. One stop solution for all your sensing requirements

High Precision & Accuracy

Best in class precision and accuracy of sensor data, manufactured by global leading sensing technology companies


Access your data anywhere, our distributed data systems provides seamless acess to data at any scale in any location.

Privacy & Security

Your data is yours we do not share it with anyone, secure your data with our cloud or at premise.

Intelligent control system

Simple and reliable automation to power your production. Leave your operations to the most versatile automation system in the world.

PhyHub - Smart controller

Easy to use

No programming knowledge needed, human friendly logic to run complete automation.

Unlimited I/O support

Control 1000's of equipments, machines and systems without any sweat.

Intelligent Algorithms

Learns by itself and optimize the operations to save time, avoid faliures and alarms to notify

Power Cut Memory

Fail proof task execution to ensure your farm operates correctly in case of power faliures

Plug and Play

Install and bring your equipments online instantly on cloud, no configuration needed

API First

Flexible REST APIs to integrate into any applications or hardware seamlessly



Eliminate guesswork and feed your crops based on their growth stage by automating water and nutrient delivery

Climate Control

Regulate the ambient air temperature and humidity of your farm with our wireless sensors and intelligent controller


Control artificial lights to ehance plant growth, adjust spectrums and give your plants precise lighting conditions


Automate your screens, shadenet, side curtains, vents using motorized control, temperature and lux sensors


Keep your storage spaces at optimum condition and prevent post harvest loss. Reduce your costs on electricity with intelligent cooling control


Bring your monitoring devices, CCTV cameras or any other video capture device on cloud with our in built VPN servers

PhyFarm - Cloud Software

Digitize your production, Plan your crops, Manage Workforce, Tasks, Purchase, Inventory at one place.


Visualise data in realtime on our cloud dashboard from anywhere, set alarms to notify on any parameter change. Get scheduled daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Simple rule engine to run equipments on auto pilot. Program your entire farm operations using our intelligent control system.



Plan your crops using our machine learning models on sensor and imaging data. Keep a digital record of every batch and never miss any tasks with using our notification system